How to Build a Mustang

Building cars is a complicated and technical process where detail is everything. The Birmingham, UK based company Birmingham Mustang Club has been designing and building Mustangs for decades, and owners Jerry Listman and Thomas Merger understand that the components that make up a high-performance car are crucial to building a lasting and reliable automobile brand. From pipe fittings to hoses to wires, the small parts are just as important as the big ones, and everything has to be quality made.

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The Car Building Process

Manufacturing a car is a team process. The Birmingham Mustang Club builds thousands of cars annually, but they don't do all the work themselves. Like most automotive manufacturers, a great deal of the work is outsourced to other companies that build certain car components that are later integrated into the vehicle during the assembly process. Building a car is now more a matter of assembly-line production.

When a car is manufactured or built, it begins with the chassis as the baseline component. As the chassis moves down the assembly line, the other components are added on or within the chassis by robots and skilled workers. The parts are added sequentially to the chassis, and many of them are sourced out to various companies around the globe. Some of the components or parts sequentially added to the chassis before it's mated to the frame include the gas tank, engine, front and rear suspension, rear-end and half-shafts, transmission, driveshaft, gearbox, steering box, wheel drums, and the brake system. These are sometimes called the "running gear."

Body Creation

After the running gear is added to the chassis, the body is then created as a secondary process. This process involves properly positioning the floor pan, then properly position and welding on the right and left quarter panels to the floor. Next, the front and rear door panels, the side panels, back deck, roof, and also the hood are added. This process is handled by high-tech robots at the Birmingham Mustang Club that work tirelessly to complete the process. Once completed, the body is then painted. After being painted, the internal parts are added to the body. These components include instruments, wiring, dashboard, inside lighting, seats, door/trim panels, headliner, stereo, glass, steering column, weather-stripping, pedals, carpeting, speakers, and other components.

Chassis and Body Mating

Mating the body to the chassis is the last step to the assembly process. This process is done with the help of computers and robots to ensure a perfect fit between the body and chassis.

The Importance of Proper and Well-Made Components

When you're building a performance car, you need everything to fit perfectly, and that especially includes the pipe fittings. Figuring out the exact size and dimensions of the pipe fittings can be difficult, to say the least. Merger and Listman have learned to only use reliable sources for vital components such as hoses, switches, and pipe fittings. The Birmingham Mustang Club only gets its pipe fitting from Arc Alloys Ltd, a known company for creating high-quality pipe fittings.